Track Added to Hakugei's First Drop.


"Hakugei" at Nagashima Spa Land 2019 Construction Update.

Hakugei's first drop is starting to take shape at the Nagashima Spa Land Japanese theme park.

An updated image from Monday shows the completed drop. (JetCoasterH)

An Updated Image from Sunday shows more work on the drop. (Photo: Reddit)

The new coaster will transform the old White Cyclone wooden ride into a steel-tracked, smooth, exciting coaster.
Views from the Ferris Wheel give a great overview of the construction site. (Image: Cyupao)

A new section of track is added to the drop, showing off the 80-degree drop. (Image: Cyupao)
 During the original meeting with Rocky Mountain Construction, the park thought the concept was too daring, but still went ahead with the project.
The second inversion is yet to be completed. (Image: Cyupao)

The layout below is based on the model shown on the Japanese news program Asahicom, the official video from Nagashima, as well as current construction images.

The layout features 3 inversions, including a stall, two zero-g rolls, and a top speed of 66mph, or 107kmph.
Other notable features:
180-feet tall.
80-degree drop.
5000+ feet in length.

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