Disneyland Star Wars Opening Date and Ride Vehicles.


Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge sets tentative opening for June.

Galaxy's Edge, the new Star Wars land at Disneyland, is set to open in June, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger. Barrons ran a story on January 3rd with the Disney CEO, where he goes on to say, "Galaxy’s Edge will open in Disneyland this summer, perhaps by early June."

The 14-acre park will feature two marquee attractions, "Millenium Falcon, Smugglers Run," and "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance."

A recent cast member magazine was released that features never-before-seen images of the ride vehicles that will be used in the two rides. The following images were found on Twitter from user SWGalaxysEdge.

Rise of the Resistance ride vehicles.

Millenium Falcon.

Galaxy's Edge is set to open in June at Disneyland.
The Galaxy's Edge land at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando is set to open later this year.

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