Cedar Point Lawn Ornaments for Sale.


Bumper Car and Witches Wheel Cars for Sale.

Here's your chance to own a piece of Cedar Point. Have you had a favorite Bumper Car or Witches Wheel seat over the past years? Now you can purchase them if you jump on it quick enough. 

The Dendinger Bros have the Bumper/Dodgem Cars listed for $695, and the Witches Wheel Cars for $325. Grab them before they are gone if you are looking for some new lawn ornaments.

"Straight from Cedar Point. The Dodgem / Bumper car ride was removed 2 years ago and we have the cars. Great for a Man Cave, or install a different type motor and let the kids have fun !!!!" (Dendinger Bros)

From Cedar Point. We have 20 of them. Put wheels and a hitch and make a train. (Dendinger Bros) 

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