Intamin Reveals New Coaster for Walibi Belgium, 2021


Walibi Belgium to build new Intamin Mega Coaster for 2021 season.

It's all part of their three-year plan, with a new coaster each year for the park.  This POV with Nolimits 2 is based off the video shown at IAAPA 2018. The coaster layout is not 100% confirmed by the park at the moment.  While other plans show a simple out and back layout, the new layout shown at IAAPA in Orlando Florida is thought to be the correct layout for the new attraction.

The attraction will be the highest coaster in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France and features 15 airtime moments and a non-inverting cobra roll.
-50m tall
-Banking up to 115-degrees
-80-degree drop
-Up to -1.4 g's

S-curves, Stengel dives, bunny hops, and double downs also take place during the course of the ride. Watch our POV recreation below.

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