Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Vehicle Patent.


Disney's EPCOT "Guardians of the Galaxy" ride vehicle patent.

Disney has submitted a patent for a new type of spinning coaster car, presumably for the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, opening at EPCOT in time for its 50-year anniversary in 2021.

The main feature of the patents are the charging elements that the vehicles and track have attached to them. The power supply mounted on the cars can be charged while the trains are stopped or in a state of motion from a metallic bar or plate mounted to the track. The two connect to charge a supposed controlled spinning element of the vehicle, allowing the car to be facing a certain way during a section of track. The details can be seen below in the patent drawings.
US Patent and Trademarks

Charging elements and power storage. (photo: wdwnt)

Seating positions and motor location. (photo: wdwnt)

Charging while the vehicle is in motion. (photo: wdwnt)

The following pictures show a very similar ride vehicle testing at the Vekoma facility. Vekoma and Disney have had a great relationship with each other in the past; the Dutch coaster manufacturer is involved with a lot of the roller coasters you see at the Disney parks.

From these pictures you can also see riders sit much higher above the track versus a regular roller coaster. This leaves plenty of room for the track to be hidden by theming and effects taking place under your ride vehicle if Disney chose to do so.

Photo: TPR Forum, MrRC

Photo: TPR Forum, MrRC

Photo: TPR Forum, MrRC
They've also tested the prototype coaster with a tilted car:
Photo: TPR Forum, MrRC

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