RMC Grand National Conversion, Concept


Just for fun, we've created an RMC Grand National RMC Conversion!

Imagine England's classic racing coaster, Grand National, turning into a dueling horse race. With new steel track, the coaster is smoother than ever and features the familiar red and white colors that we all grew up with.
When making these I try to focus on realism, and think 'what would RMC do in this situation?' If this transformation was even possible, I believe the one-track Mobius layout of Grand National would be turned into two separate tracks. The coaster offers two long rides due to how the layout is set up, and I do believe two-separate tracks is what the Rocky Mountain Construction Crew would do.

Watch the POV's here:

This was a tough one that took quite a bit of time and had me erasing and re-building multiple times, but very happy how it turned out! The tracks duel throughout the length of this ride, offering very different ride experiences. They jockey for position three times throughout the length of the course, left to right or right to left, after all the twists and turns, your train ends in the same station as you begin. Which do you prefer? Right or Left?

As always, this coaster was created using an overlay of the actual satellite image of Grand National at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It follows the layout as exact as possible and features a 14-foot height increase from the current G.N. The hills follow a very similar height to was is already built, as this is generally what Rocky Mountain will do when revamping a ride.

I hope you enjoyed the POV. In reality this is extremely unlikely to ever happen, the issue I see with this ride getting an RMC transformation is the clearance to the train on the other track (As it is, you can high five the other train during the ride) , which is why if anything is ever done to this ride, I would guess it would likely just be a re-tracking and refurbishment of the same track we see today. If RMC were to turn it into a steel-track conversion, I could only see them turning this into a single-track ride, similar to how RMC took Twisted Sisters/Twisted Twins at Kentucky Kingdom and made it a one-track ride instead of the two layouts that it used to be. I hope you get your RMC soon UK coaster fans, but don't expect it out of this coaster in my opinion

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