Gravity Group to Build Another Family Wooden Coaster! + POV


"Kentucky Flyer" New for 2019, Wooden Coaster Announced for Kentucky Kingdom. POV. 

It seems these new family wooden coasters are the new hot seller for The Gravity Group, with Kentucky Kingdom picking one up for the 2019 season! This roller coaster that the whole family can enjoy features an out-and-back layout with 1280-feet of track and a height requirement of just 40 inches.
Kentucky Kingdom 2019 Flyer Video
The Kentucky Flyer animation from Planet Coaster (c)Kentucky Kingdom
The Kentucky Flyer features a 45-foot drop at a 52-degree angle. It reaches a top speed of 35mph and features turns with banking up to 54-degrees. The short-in-stature coaster may not have the biggest stats, but the low-to-ground, quick-twisting elements will likely make for quite a ride. Kentucky Flyer features 12 moments of airtime and The Gravity Group's Timberliner trains, which allow for a tighter turning radius, delivering a ride that truly everyone will enjoy. 
The official announcement teaser can be viewed below, from Kentucky Kingdom's YouTube channel.

Has anyone been able to ride one of these family-style Gravity Group coasters? What did you think of it?

We've also taken the liberty of recreating this in the Planet Coaster program that is used above. You can view our POV of Kentucky Flyer below. This is the expected layout that copies the animation we see:

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