Valkyria Opens at Liseberg + POV

Valkyria Opens to Big Crowds.

Wait time was around 120 minutes throughout the day as the new 6-seat wide dive machine opened. The coaster is the longest dive coaster in Europe and features mythological theming around the ride.
Theming around the area. (c)Liseberg

Valkyria is a B&M dive coaster. (c)Liseberg

Valkyria Plunges down the first drop. (c)Liseberg
"In the mighty shadow of the valkyrie you are chosen for the ultimate challenge. Summon all your courage and strength, because in order to rise you must first fall. Straight down! Europe’s longest Dive Coaster – a roller coaster with a vertical drop of 50 metres!

Just as you are about to go over the edge the ride suddenly pauses. Before you plunge vertically into an underground tunnel – at 105 km/h!" -Liseberg

An official POV video by Liseberg can be seen below.

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