Hyperion at Energylandia Opens To Large Crowds


Hyperion opened at 20:00 local time Saturday, at Energylandia, Poland.

The tallest and fastest coaster in Europe is now open as thousands currently wait in line for their chance to ride the massive coaster. This brings Energylandia's total coaster-count up to 12, with two more planned for the near future.

Twitter videos and photos of the massive crowd were uploaded and can be seen below.

The massive crowd of people as the queue opens for the first time. (@MaMaMaMario)

A brief show takes place marking the opening of the new space-themed coaster. (@ThemeParksEU)

The queue before the ride is Tron-like with bright neon lights around futuristic-style surroundings. (@ThemeParksEU)

More theming along the queue. (@ThemeParksEU)
The ride soars over 250 feet into the air and features an 85-degree drop straight into a tunnel. Reaching speeds up to 87 mph, the new coaster lining the park's parking lot travels over numerous hills and turns, and features water effects and plenty of airtime.

A video embedded below shows the inside queue winding back and forth. A POV of Hyperion can also be seen below.

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