Woman Falls From Lake Winnepesaukah Wild Mouse.


Woman falls from the Wild Mouse roller coaster at Lake Winnepesaukah this weekend.

It's unclear how far she fell or where she fell from, but the small mishap has resulted in surgery for the woman. She is expected to be ok.
The wild mouse, "Wild Lightnin'" station and cars. (c)rcdb.com Duane Marden 
"Built in 2001, Wild Lightning is the newest roller coaster at Lake Winnie. The park's website describes it as "a wild coaster ride aboard rails of steel that takes guests through twists, hairpin turns, drops, and curves like nothing else on earth."

The accident happened around 2:00 pm Sunday afternoon. It is still unclear how the woman fell or how far. She was alert and conscious but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Family members tell us the 42-year-old has broken shoulder and was taken to a hospital for surgery. Monday evening, she is listed in fair condition." -wrcbtv.com, the full article can be read here.
The only thing we can guess is the woman fell from the station, which could still be large fall if you were unsuspecting it or fell onto the track, but details are very unknown.

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