Kennywood Begins Teasing "Project 412"


Kennywood begins teasing expected new coaster.

It's been rumored for years that Kennywood will get a record-breaking coaster, and it seems that the time is finally here.

412 being the Pittsburgh area code is likely where the "412" comes from, but Kennywood has some more numbers to reveal over the following weeks that hint at something about the attraction. Whether it be height? speed? length? or something completely different, it's a fun and exciting way to keep the fans on the edge of their seats.

The first number has been revealed today. 197. (Kennywood Facebook)

"Something big is coming to Kennywood in 2019! PROJECT 412 has broken ground, and the guessing game as to what that means begins now!

Every Thursday, we’ll scratch off another number on our PROJECT 412 card, so follow along and take your best guesses at how they all add up to form Kennywood’s 2019 attraction. Want us to reveal the first number today? Then SHARE this post!

Once every number is revealed, well, then the REAL fun will begin! And make sure to visit us soon - you may just find some additional clues around the park..." -Kennywood

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