Hyperion at Energylandia continues Clearance Testing


Hyperion began clearance testing a few days ago, real testing up next!

Hyperion at Energylandia is looking to be quite the ride. Testing the clearance of the train is still in progress at the moment, with a video below of the work going on. The video by Paweł Patyk also shows some nice details on what the 4-across cars will look like.

The blue, white, and black trains on the sleek all-black track. (c)Pawel Patyk 

The opening date for the coaster has not yet been released by the park, but it's looking to be one of the most exciting layouts for a Hyper that we've seen in quite some time. The ride soars over 250 feet into the air and features an 85-degree drop straight into a tunnel. Reaching speeds up to 87 mph, the new coaster lining the park's parking lot travels over numerous hills and turns, and will feature water effects and plenty of airtime.
The layout features an 85-degree drop, tunnels, and plenty of Negative G's.
The park, which opened in 2014, will have 12 roller coasters once the new ride opens to the public, and already has two more E-ticket coasters planned for 2020, including Europe's first I-box coaster by Rocky Mountain Construction. Hyperion was created by Intamin, a Swiss attractions design company.

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