Harry Potter Coaster Update: Islands of Adventure


LIM's installed and lots more track-work complete at Islands of Adventure's new coaster!

Midway Mayhem as well as Bioreconstruct have taken some pictures at ground level and aerial height of the new track that has been placed at Islands of Adventure, revealing more of the Harry Potter layout. Spoilers ahead.

An overview of the new coaster by Midway Mayhem shows the thought-to-be future indoor section to the right, section of track after the first main launch to the left, and the 'forbidden forest' encompassing the middle of the ride. The current station for the Hogwarts Express is the building to the right of the image.

The two arrows in this image by bioreconstruct show the future indoor sections of the ride, where you are thought to 1. see a scene featuring Hagrid, and 2. a drop-track.

Arrow near the suspected entrance of the ride, with low-to-ground section of track nearby. It is thought this may be the only section visible to guests. Photo by bioreconstruct.
The track spike is seen in this image by bioreconstruct. The train is suspected to fall backwards here, just one of the climaxes of the ride.

LIMS closeup by Midway Mayhem

A few weeks back we made a video featuring our concept of what could be for the new ride. Seeing these new track placements does show some errors in our exact layout, but it is still similar in speed and layout to what we guess the ride to run like. You can view this below if you wish.

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