Twisted Cyclone Opens, The Reviews Are In + POV

RMC wow's riders once again with Twisted Cyclone at Six Flags Over Georgia.

The signature element on Twisted Cyclone. (c)Six Flags
A while back the response to the Georgia Cyclone getting an "RMC Treatment" wasn't all positive. Many enthusiasts thought the ride was too short after see the proposed layout, and thought it had some missed opportunities. Now the ride is open, and of course reviews are great. Review: "The pacing of the ride is perfect, as are the transitions between elements. And in true RMC fashion, the ride is smooth as glass. If you want to watch my honest reaction, please check out the reverse POV because I am not exaggerating in my response to the airtime moments - they are ejector level at times. The key element of this ride, for me, is the 90 degree banked perpendicular turn in which you can even get some airtime!"

Reddit's r/rollercoaster Conor_CBG on the wave turn element: "This was my first wave turn, and I can whole-heartedly say that not only is it my favorite element on the ride, it’s one of my favorite elements on a roller coaster PERIOD. The element is such a blast to go through that could say that it’s worth riding just for that element."

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