Tantrum Looks Complete + A Mother's Day Surprise For One Woman


Tantrum Coaster at Darien Lake to Begin Testing Soon, Plus A Surprise No One Wants.

Darien Lake seems to have completed trackwork on the new tantrum coaster announced last year, which the park plans to have open by Memorial Day weekend.

No more cranes can be seen in the Tantrum area. (c) Coaster Addict
Tantrum riders embark on a 98-foot vertical lift hill that then drops them at a 97-degree angle back down, shooting riders directly into a pretzel inversion. Reaching speeds of 52 mph, the coaster then travels through the structure over a bunny hop, Immelman loop, and tilted loop.

The Tantrum "queue house." Mind Eraser seen in the background (c) Darien Lake
In other news, it seems the nearby coaster "Mind Eraser" lost a handle from the rides restraint this past weekend. A mother visiting the park with her kids was in for quite the surprise when suddenly the handle came loose. She held onto the handle for the rest of the ride, and it has reopened since.

"I had leaned down to get some support from the side rails, [and] the side rail completely just came off like butter. It melted right off. I'm holding this bar now. As I'm riding, I'm holding the bar. It was frightening because if I would have let go of the bar, there would have been more injuries." The woman told WIVB, which also has a video interview with the woman here.

Exciting times at Darien Lake as they get set to open their brand new coaster!

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