Steel Vengeance has Small Collision on Opening day, Has Reopened for Today


Steel Vengeance Back Open After Small Collision in Station, "Ticket System" In Place.

While no pictures inside the station surfaced of the small incident at Cedar point yesterday, there have been reports on Twitter from supposed riders of the collision saying it was more than just a "light bump." @OneWheelProds reported the bump was "Pretty jarring, it pushed the train locked in station 8 feet. (A row and a half) very loud, no clue it was coming."
Steel Vengeance has small bump on opening day on new roller coaster
The scene outside the station 
4 people were treated for injuries at the park and also released back into the park after being looked at.

Today, Steel Vengeance reopened with one train operation and a ticket system in place, allowing people to only enter the queue if they were at the park early enough to receive a ticket. Think Disney "FastPass," but with no open regular line option.

Anyone have any other information on the train damage situation?

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