Star Trek, Universal's Answer to Disney's Star Wars?


Rumors continue over Universal Studios' Star Trek-themed land.

Back when Disney announced Star Wars land, it seemed that the theme park and media giant finally had its answer to Harry Potter's domination of a movie-based themed area. The franchise has a huge following, a potential for great attractions, and Disney manning the ship to bring it all to life.

USS Enterprise - D, Star Trek
Now, rumors of a Star Trek-themed land coming to Universal Studios might just push the scales back into Universal's favor. By no means does Universal have more visitors than Disney, but its growth is massive in the Orlando area, and we believe most of that is because of the massive crowds of muggles showing up at the theme park.

Where would this all fit in? There's room in the two previous Universal parks for some addition/removal of stand-alone attractions, but we're talking an entire themed-land here with at least one E-ticket attraction. Universal has been buying up property in Orlando for quite some time, so it's only a matter of time before a new park opens. It's expected to happen in 2022 in response to Disney World's big 50th anniversary in 2021, so be ready for the rumors to really start flying here in a year or so. According to some sources the new park will "be filled with mini-lands for each of the franchises. A similar design can be found in the DreamWorks area at the MOTIONGATE Dubai theme park, which opened last year. Disney also used this concept, though to a much lesser degree, with the Fantasyland expansion at the Magic Kingdom." -Orlando Weekly

Two new Star Trek movies are scheduled to debut, along with a new TV show, which is very similar to the announcements from the Star Wars franchise who also promise many future movies and a TV Series.
There are other Star-Trek based attraction around the world, including the "Star Trek: Operation Enterprise" roller coaster at Movie Park Germany.
So what would you prefer? Wars, Trek? Or does it just depend on the rides for you?
All this being said, there had been previous talks of Star Trek-themed attractions from Spain to Las Vegas that never reached their full potential, so will this just fall through as well? Only time will tell.

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