SeaWorld Infinity Falls Update


Infinity Falls nears closer to its expected opening date as work continues.

Infinity Falls at SeaWorld will have the tallest drop on a raft ride when it is completed this Summer. The 40-foot drop from an elevator style lift will be thrilling and soaking to guests aboard.
Orlando Sentinal

Orlando Sentinal
"'Yes, we are creating a jungle in the middle of SeaWorld,' Hornick said as tall trees were placed, one at a time, via crane into the area. He expects the rock work – complete with faux moss, both in wet and dry looks – to be done by the end of the week. The next major step is the ride certification, which entails water and the eight-passenger rafts running through the course. Work continues around the clock, Hornick said.

Riders will start from a continuous- load, open-air station into a bend that features flamingos, birds that lived in that area when it was part of the park’s Sea Garden attraction. After that, things get increasingly sloshy and serpentine during the rapids sections, and the wet factor will be amplified by the waterway’s uneven floor." -Orlando Sentinal

SeaWorld's Infinity Falls Stats

The entire article can be read here, along with a video showing of the construction. 

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