Robin Hood RMC Conversion at Walibi Holland

Robin Hood is closing later this year to transform into an RMC masterpiece. The rough wooden coaster made by Vekoma is one of the few Vekoma wooden coasters remaining.

The ride closes in October for the transformation to take place. Below is a prediction video, just for fun, of what could be of the new ride. The ride is designed in the CAD-based NoLimits 2 program.

What we based this on:
Robin Hood is currently 105 feet tall, the RMC conversion will probably be a bit taller based on previous transformations, so the ride is 115 feet tall in this simulation.

The sim provides many classic Rocky Mountain-elements that have been seen on rides like Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point and the Twisted Cyclone at Six Flags Over Georgia. Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England also provided some inspiration.

The ride is taking over a classic out-and-back coaster, so the flat turnarounds have been juiced-up to include 'wavy' elements that provide airtime and in some cases inversions.

With no major helices or other track elements that could be removed like you see on previous conversions, we expect the Rocky Mountain Construction Crew to follow the layout exactly as you see it now, with most hills and turns staying at a similar height to what the Robin Hood ride currently offers.

The ride was created with an overlay from Google Maps to keep the track on the same scale as it currently stands, this is as accurate to scale as possible.
Robin Hood Rocky Mountain Coasters Layout Plan
Overhead Layout

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