SW8 at Alton Towers Will Not be Launched.


With rumours from day one pointing towards a launch, lift hardware spotted on Secret Weapon 8 at Alton Towers says otherwise.

SW8 Wicker Man Roller Coaster at Alton Towers
The overhead view of SW8 at Alton Towers (c)ITV
All but official, a regular chain lift is expected on SW8, the ride expected to be named "Wicker Man." The bent lift seems to be that way just to make way for track underneath and to extend the hill far enough to make room for the layout. The "Secret" of Secret Weapon is also yet to be revealed. With an indoor section consisting of a few turns, Secret weapon 8 still does not have a confirmed name or secret, so we'll just have to wait and see what's in store for us.

The wooden rollercoaster itself is just one small part of the experience.

Once you're in there and going through the theatrical experience and you're hearing the story, you'll completely forget about that and this is one of the most compelling themed attractions we've built in a very long time.

The storyline has always been a big thing at Alton Towers, and with the story becoming part of the ride for SW8, it will become an experience instead of just a ride. The ride will debut in March during Alton's official 2018 opening.

I'm excited to see Secret Weapon 8's extensive theming be put to use during the actual ride. Something I've felt could be done better at Alton is using their teaser videos during the queue lines. They create great teasers that are never seen after the ride opens. It seems this queue and storyline will be in full effect before and during the ride. Just think how much better the Smiler queue would be with the teaser videos playing during the wait.

SW8 will have a tunnel at its highest point to make it less noisy for neighbors, the ride will also never reach higher than the treeline, as with all rides at the Towers.

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