Star Wars at Disney, Construction Updates


The New StarWars Land is well underway at Disney World and Disneyland.

First we'll start with Orlando:
You can just see Toy Story Land to the bottom left. An overview of the area with the two main showrooms beginning to rise. (Blogmickey) 

The Millennium Falcon ride building. The Millenium Falcon sculpture will be the circle near the top middle. The steel structure near the entrance to the ride will be mountain rock work by the looks of the concept model below. (Blogmickey) 

Here the concept model is showing how the area will look from the front. Incredible rock work! (Disney)
The entrance to the new area will be through this tunnel. (Blogmickey)

The concept art from the entrance! (Disney)
The First Order ride building. More photos can be found at Blogmickey if interested!
For an update on Disneyland, take a look at this YouTube video by ShesInLosAngeles.

 The Star Wars themed land is slated to open in 2019.

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