Six Flags China Looks... Great!


Six Flags China Park Work Continues

Six Flags plans to open multiple Parks in China in coming years. China seems to be the next big place for theme parks as many chains expand their parks or build entirely new ones. Wanda, Universal, and Six Flags all have incredible expansions planned. The following photos were found on ThemeParX Forum. They are from this summer.

The Six Flags Nanjing overview.
The current Six Flags HQ and Showcase Center. 

The area is well-groomed and spacious. Very green too.
Inside the Exhibition Center. Currently Open.

Six Flags wants to open as many as 10 amusement parks in China in the decade after its first one opens in Shanghai. It'll be the first Six Flags outside North America and the beginning of an international push that includes Vietnam and Dubai. (Source: Bloomberg)

So, will it finally be the case that a Six Flags International Park is built? It's been in the planning stages multiple times before. Do you think this time it looks more promising?

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