MFK: Speeders

This week's Marry, Fuck, Kill is all about speed.

Do-Dodonpa, Top Thrill Dragster, Formula Rossa.
Acceleration vs. Height vs. Speed, what do you choose?

HOW THIS WORKS: These are the last three rides on Earth. Marry One, Fuck One, Kill One.   Marry: It's in your backyard, ride whenever you want.   Fuck: One last ride then it's gone forever.   Kill: No last rides. No goodbyes.

My choices? I felt pretty straightforward with this one.

I love the feeling of acceleration, so I'm sticking with Dodonpa for my marry.
I'll fuck Formula Rossa for the top speed and length of the ride. Truly one of a kind.
Leaves me with killing Top Thrill Dragster. The height doesn't do too much for me, all about that acceleration!

Your picks?

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