Gravity Group to Open Another Pint-Sized Family Coaster!


France will be getting a new Gravity Group family coaster at Parc Saint Paul in Picardie, France.

With a similar look to the coaster opening at Sesame Place, Gravity Group has expanded their family-wooden coaster market quite quickly for 2018. Both of these layouts look exciting, but I have to say that this one kicks Sesame Place's out of the water!

The airtime looks fantastic, and while not as twisty, it's still got some great turns and really blends a new-style layout with an older out-and-back coaster. That first airhill looks perfect!
The coaster will stand at 49 feet tall and has a 48-foot drop with a 1572-foot track length. Almost 300 feet longer than its Sesame Place's brother. The coaster fits in perfect to the family-atmosphere of Parc Saint Paul. See a POV below courtesy of CoasterForce.

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