Disneyland Paris to Also Get Tron Coaster?


Tron Coaster Planned for Disneyland Paris?

 Disneyland Paris may be planning a TRON coaster just like Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL. 
The TRON Coaster at Shanghai Disneyland is a huge hit.
In the next few years, it seems that Disneyland Paris will be getting multiple E-ticket attractions, sources say. Disney has been said to apply for a quote from Vekoma on adding a coaster to the resort. This will be a great addition to the Disney Paris Resort, which has been said to be on the rise since the takeover of Disneyland Paris earlier this year by the American Disney Company.
 Disneyland Paris is looking to invest $2.5 billion in new and upgraded facilities across the resort over the next ten years, including new Marvel attractions.
The TRON Coaster at Night is incredible looking.
Theming is Disney-level of course.
Incredible how many people see the Vekoma manufacturer at other parks around the world and usually write them off as being re-rideable, while Disney run their coasters at almost all their parks as huge hits. 

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