Darien Lake Coaster to be Named "Tantrum"


Darien Lake New Coaster Details Announced "Beyond Vertical, Straight Up Fun!"

The new ride by Gerstlauer will feature a 97-degree drop from 100 feet, with a top speed of 52 mph. This is Darien Lake's first coaster since 2008.

The 1246 feet of track will feature a vertical lift hill, 1 inversion, and a compact layout that fits in where the Thunder Rapids Log Flume is currently standing.
Darien Lake: "Tantrum riders will embark on a 98-foot vertical lift at a 90-degree angle – straight up the coaster’s first hill. In a matter of seconds, upon reaching its apex, the train plummets into a 97-degree drop and pretzel inversion. The coaster snakes through the structure over a bunny hop, keeps riders wondering which way is up or down during an Immelman turn, and finishes with a tilted loop."

The new ride going into Darien Lake is a clone of the Galveston Island Historical Pleasure Pier "Iron Shark" ride. Take a ride with a POV of the ride below. A nice looking compact coaster, although I'm still wishing for a relocation of Kanonen to the Eastern US, and feel it would've fit perfectly at Darien.

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