Coaster Track at American Dream Mall is Record-Breaking


Intertwined coasters planned for Nickelodeon Universe at new New Jersey mall.

American Dream Mall amusement park
Water Park/ Theme Park Plans

Earlier in the week we found some photos of some new Gerstlauer track at the New Jersey American Dream mall. Now the mall has just released plans today showing some high-class record-breaking coasters! If this goes as planned, the mall looks to be quite the spectacle!

Eurofighters are perfect for indoor attractions because of their maneuverability in tight spaces. The coasters also give heart-pounding rides that are like no other.
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The Euro-Fighter boasts the world record for the steepest roller coaster drop, while the Spinning Coaster will hold the titles of the world’s tallest and longest free spinning roller coaster. The two roller coasters will be intertwined, which means the combined 14 vehicles will run in and around each other. The kinetic energy in the space will be amazing and feature non-stop action.

“These two coasters, appealing to thrill seekers, will break three world-records combined!” Gerstlauer has far exceeded our expectations with these new to market coasters and we’re excited to have them on this journey with us,” commented Gary Hanson, a management consultant at Triple Five.
American Dream Mall Theme Park
Looks like you'll see the skyline from the top of the Eurofighter! Incredible views.
The coasters look like perfect additions. Adding coasters of this size and originality definitely, show that the Nickelodeon Universe is planning to make a big splash on the New York City market. This may take some business away from Six Flags, but nothing that I see being major. The Euro Fighter will be a clone of Takabisha in Japan, a POV can be seen below.

American Dream Mall Theme Park

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