Check Out How Cool The New "Python" Track at Efteling Looks!


Efteling Refurbishing "Python" Roller Coaster With Complete Re-Build.

Efteling in North Brabant, Netherlands, has decided to refurbish Python piece by piece instead of demolishing the classic coaster. This will hopefully create a smooth ride as well as giving the ride a shiny new look! Steel Company CSM will be doing the refurb. Python is planned to be reopened in March.
How awesome do the ties look? Very bulky looking.
Shiny and new! I still can't get over how cool the cross ties look.
Python has had its trains switched from Arrow trains to Vekoma trains, KumbaK trains, and back to Vekoma trains over the course of its 36-year operation. It is the oldest coaster in operation at Efteling.
It will be extremely odd to be riding an older coaster with a possibility of this being smooth, it could be a one-of-a-kind feeling ride. I'm super intrigued to see how this rides next year and it's exciting to see a coaster of this layout be reimagined like this instead of torn down. I hope that Efteling can preserve the incredible foliage and natural surrounding while replacing the track. Old coasters are so visually pleasing because of the way nature grows around them.
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