Busch Gardens Williamsburg May Close Curse of Darkastle


Possible budget concerns and low ridership may leave Busch Gardens ride SBNO.

How awful would this be? Never good to see a ride sitting there, but an E-ticket dark ride, and at a Busch Gardens? This is something no one was expecting, but now the rumors are here.
DarKastle SBNO Fear
On September 4th this year, Curse of DarKastle was closed to make preparations for a new Howl-o-scream attraction. It was then been announced that it will also be used for a Christmas themed Santa meet-and-greet. Now it seems it is one of the attractions on the table to leave SBNO for 2018.
From BGWFans: Because the reports just kept flowing in, Nicole and I decided that we needed to address the rumors directly with the park. During a recent interview with Dan Dipiazzo, Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Vice President of Marketing, Nicole inquired about DarKastle’s future. Dan Dipiazzo shared that, while the ride is still currently fully intact, the park has not yet made a final decision regarding the attraction’s return.
Will DarKastle ever open again at Busch Gardens Williamsburg?
The Exterior
With a theatrical soundtrack and awesome ride technology, this will be a sad ride to see sit there unused. It just won't feel right walking through Busch Gardens Williamsburg with the large castle building sitting dormant. That's something you see at a Six Flags park, but not a SeaWorld-owned park. Maybe the whole Blackfish thing really isn't coming to an end if their budget is this strained. There are other talks of Busch Garden's sale also on the table.

Will DarKastle ever open again?
The Halloween "FrostBite" Attraction in use at Darkastle's current site (c)Matthew Bull Youtube

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  1. I think the Busch Park probably has a separate budget from SeaWorld. Is Busch Gardens also losing guest numbers or only the SeaWorld names parks?


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