Universal Studios Japan: New Parade


Next-Gen Nighttime Parade Celebrate Universal's Current and Past Films.

The parade is back for USJ.

Claiming to be a world’s first, ‘Universal Spectacle Night Parade – Best of Hollywood’ aims to raise the bar by re-imagining the traditional parade concept.

According to Universal, it will bring together the magic of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, the Minions’ mayhem, mega Transformers robots and realistic Jurassic World dinosaurs. Viewers will be fully immersed in the dynamic and ever-changing spectacular.

The parade promises large-scale, precisely synchronised projection mapping, spectacular film lighting, dynamic floats, a sweeping cinematic score and live performances. The whole experience will be coordinated by Universal Creative’s ‘Show Orchestration’ technology. -blooloop

I'm not a fan of parades. You usually have to stand for them, they last forever, are slow, and none of that is my cup of tea. However, this "re-imagining," if done well, could be quite a site. If the coordination and immersion really is something to behold, then maybe this will change parades for the better. I guess we'll have to just wait and see, but at the moment, I'll go grab a beer at the nearest sit-down beer-serving restaurant while you enjoy your parade viewing. Cheers.

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