Top Golf Orlando: What The Buzz is All About


Top Golf opens in Orlando to the thrill-seeking vacation clientele. So, what exactly is it?

Top Golf is a driving range chain that has been opening high-end golfing experiences across the USA after moving over here from Europe with super reviews. So what's with all the buzz with Top Golf's new location in Orlando about? Well, for one thing, it's definitely one of the highest tourist areas for one of the experiences to open, other than Vegas, and it's on a plot of land that is incredibly expensive for something as huge as a driving range. Furthermore, this is a very different vacationing crowd from where other Top Golf locations are set. The Orlando location also has new technologies to help enhance the "game."
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Top Golf is awesome, and if you have never been to one I highly recommend it next time you are in Orlando. It can be quite a reasonable day-out if you have a big enough group and you go during their off-hours when prices are cheaper!

If you enjoy drinking, gaming, golfing, socializing, eating, or anything else related to a night out, you'll love Top Golf. It isn't a driving range, its an experience. It's posh where you want it to be posh, it's reasonable where you want it to be reasonable, and its got a fresh, modern and clean feel.
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You'll first get to your climate controlled booth where you can tee off. Balls magically appear for you, and you hit them out into a large turf field with enormous holes in the middle of the 'fairway.' The balls drop into the large holes, and the nearer you are to a flag, the more points you get. You can play with teams or separately, and when you get tired, you simply press a button to move onto the next player. There are multiple games to choose from, some that favor the pro, or other games that level out the playing field. It's fun whether you're a pro or not. Especially because there's somewhat reasonably-priced beer involved.

Orlando's Top Golf also has a new technology built into the game, where you can see a virtual path that your ball is taking, check it out in the video below courtesy of Top Golf. 

Get on over and check out Top Golf for yourself next time you're in Orlando and whack some balls, you can't miss the huge netting around the place as its visible from all over the city. You won't regret it!

For the level of class, Top Golf is truly an adventure you walk out of with a smile on your face, and one that felt like you paid the right price for what you just experienced.

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