The Latest: SW8 Alton Towers, beginning to look better and better each day.


Secret Weapon 8: Update

Secret Weapon 8 is really beginning to look like a complete coaster. With a lot of the unknowns still unknown, it's just a matter of time until Alton Tower releases episode 2 of their YouTube series giving us better insight into what the hell is going on with that lift hill, and all those pro pieces that are taking shape.

The name will most likely be "The Wicker Man." And below you can see some of the latest updates thanks to Twitter and Alton Towers' great social media following. Theme Park Updates provides the following pictures via Twitter.
The layout of the ride will truly be fantastic, while it may not compare to the level of Mystic Timbers, the great theming will really be where this ride shines!

 Alton Towers Wicker Man Coaster
The dips and turns of Wicker Man look fantastic.

Sign For Wicker Man Roller Coaster
The logo and constant clues are all over the construction walls.

The tunnels throughout this ride are going to be very exciting! Although their main purpose is noise to the few neighbors of the park.

New Roller Coaster at Alton Towers
Aerial View Photo: Burton Mail

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