The Largest B&M Wing Coaster Takes Shape at Wanda City


Wanda City, the new park in Wuxi, China, begins to take shape.

Artwork for the surrounding area of the park can be seen below.
The wing coaster artwork. (c)Wanda City
The park looks to be well themed, and the wing coaster will be themed with what looks like rockwork once the trackwork is complete. By looking at pictures below, the park does seem to be a bit behind from their anticipated opening of 2017. Still, it's great to see work being done as this park chain spreads across China, with 15 parks planned. The following images were found on VHCoasters
It really is quite the huge drop! I'd love to see a Storm Chaser-type inversion drop in the future on one of these!
The surrounding area is still very much dirt by the looks of it.
Typical drawn out elements, graceful and smooth. These coasters are very re-rideable. Graceful.
The new coaster will have a height of over 196 feet, taking the title of highest inversion. The track will come in over 4,000 feet long, and a POV by MiyaPA Masane on Youtube can be seen below.


  1. Totally uninspiring and odd layout, very high in the air too. The airhill is an odd choice in place of a third inversion specifically because it's ridden with shoulder restraints. Will we ever get a wing coaster that isn't a let down?

    1. I've heard that that airhill will go over a waterfall, even more reason to go upside down over it! Possibly the few raised track portions will have some nice rock-work added, we can hope.

      Generally it seems that these are tame coasters, and boy will I be excited when I'm 80 and these smooth rides are being built. 80 year old me will not enjoy Eurofighters, even though they're one of my favourites nowadays.


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