The SlideWheel, Slow and Boring, or Fast and Exciting?


The SlideWheel. Chimelong Water Park will be the first to receive the Wiegand ride. And the prototype is now being tested!

Early last month a new waterslide was announced for Chimelong Water Park. The ride has a small footprint, and the concept is totally awesome. We've all played with the concept in some sort of way on a small scale through boredom or in Physics classes, but when it's blown up to human scale, the idea really is awe-inspiring.

The ride length and the fact that you don't need to climb hundreds of stairs are definitely the positive points, but is the downtime in between each turn a bit much? You can see an official POV below, where the slow parts are cut from the video. It will be interesting to see where this thought goes from here. I love the concept, but not sure I'll love the ride. Your thoughts?

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  1. Could be slow, but a long ride with the same capacity as a big slide. Plus the drops look fun


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