Remaining Dragon Loop to be Used as Structure or Scenery?


The remaining Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge loop looks like it is here to stay. 

Update10/30/17: The dragon loop has been removed and is no longer standing

Whether it will become an easter egg, support structure, or theming is unknown. But with work going on all around the final element to be standing, there's seems to be no other reason why Universal would keep the loop erect.
Excavation looks to be quite deep. @bioreconstruct
With a lot of excavation already going on in the old Dragon Challenge site, it no longer makes sense to wait and finish demolishing the standing track at a later date. There were thoughts that waiting could be to fill in remaining lake water underneath the loop before demolition, but with a clear track to and around the loop, there's no reason to wait any longer. The final loop has been standing for approximately 2 weeks longer than the other removed track pieces.
You can see some Fire track sticking out of the station to the right, the last of the red track to stand. @bioreconstruct
The loop also was taken apart from the rest of the track much more cautiously than we've previously seen other sections taken down. You can see it wasn't torched or taken apart with force, but as if it was just unbolted from its neighboring track.
Support to hold up a future structure perhaps? Or an Easter Egg for a returning generation. @bioreconstruct
An overview. @bioreconstruct

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