RailBlazer Track On-Site at California's Great America


The small orange track for the upcoming RailBlazer Coaster is now on site at California's Great America!

Leaving the RMC Facility on route to CGA! -Great America Facebook

The race continues to see whether Six Flags or Cedar Fair will complete and open the 'first ever' single-rail coaster. Track arrived earlier this week at Six Flags Fiesta Texas for the Wonder Woman Coaster.

The Coaster will have a moving station along with single-rider cars directly in line with the track which is around only 15" wide! Each train holds 8 riders on the 106-foot tall track.

Picture Animation of the new ride. -California's Great America.
You can see how small the track really is in this picture. The supports will be wider than the track in many areas! Pic: Erik Chalhoub via AceNorCal
Open Holes for footers! Pic: Erik Chalhoub via AceNorCal
An unthemed construction fence. Pic: Erik Chalhoub via AceNorCal
So, who do you think will complete the first ever single-rail coaster first? Six Flags Fiesta Texas or the much heavier-themed RailBlazer at California's Great America. I'd have to guess Six Flags based on the rockwork needed at CGA! But you never know!

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