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Nemesis: Alton Towers.

Nemesis is a project that no other park would take on. Alton Towers has a way (and rule) of keeping rides under the treeline, which is something that helps make it more of a theme "park" than any other place around.

When entering Alton Towers, you do not see rides, you see a large grass area with an old castle and castle grounds, it's a refreshing experience that gets you excited to see what's around every corner.

Aboard the Monorail is the first time you'll get a truly fascinating look at this ride. It's in a massive hole, and because of that, it's unlike any other coaster in the world.
You can see where the blasting took place to be able to fit a ride that hits speeds of 50mph. A drop of over 100 feet with a height never over 45 feet. That's special. Pic: (c)TowersAlmanac
John Wardley is the designer of Nemesis. After abandoning two other ideas that he didn't feel were exciting or visually pleasing enough, he took a trip to Six Flags Great America and rode Batman, the first inverted coaster at the time, and knew that it would be the perfect fit for the large hole that was about to be blasted out at Alton Towers.

Nemesis' queue and walkways also go out of their way to give an enthusiast the best view of the ride that is possible. You can walk down and around the first few elements, with spectacular angles and near misses with the train. The queue isn't boring because you are placed right in the middle of the action, getting views you wouldn't get anywhere else.
The river used to run red to fit in with the alien theme of Nemesis, however, rumours say the red water was getting into the local water supply, so it now runs clear again.
Nemesis doesn't start out with a drop, but instead a series of elements down the side of a hill, where you find yourself traveling faster and faster before reaching the bottom of the massive hole, twisting down and around the terrain like no other ride. What other coasters do you reach top speed so far into the layout?! After a number of turns, corkscrews, a zero-g roll, and a loop that barely gets above ground level, you'll return to the station surprised at what just happened from a ride with such a short lift hill.
One incredible view, the fastest part of this coaster takes place 50 feet under ground-level.
Getting ready to dive into the quarry after a quick turn, all just feet from the ground.

While you won't see the coaster from far away, once you get up close there are elements popping up all around you. Take a stroll down into the hole to get some even more incredible views with the track twisting all around you.
Nemesis gives a new meaning to the terrain coaster and is a project that never would have existed without John Wardleys persistence in finding the perfect ride for the hole in the ground.

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