More Job Cuts at SeaWorld as the Company Tries to Turn Around


350 Jobs cuts at SeaWorld to be replaced by higher marketing spending.

More cuts from SeaWorld signal restructuring and an attempt to try something new, this is one of many past cuts from SeaWorld since the movie "Blackfish" was released in 2013, a documentary featuring Tilikum, an orca held by SeaWorld and the disagreement over captive killer whales.

The theme-park operator has struggled to boost profit and attendance following a 2013 documentary that criticized the treatment of killer whales in its care. Joel Manby, chief executive officer for the past two years, has ended orca breeding and is redesigning the animal shows and tanks to make them look like natural habitats. New attractions include river rides and roller coasters that aren’t dependent on live animals for entertainment.

The firings are part of $25 million in potential cost savings SeaWorld identified in August. The reductions will mostly affect administrative positions at the company’s headquarters and at its San Diego park. Late last year, SeaWorld cut 320 jobs across its 12 locations to end duplication of functions. -Bloomberg
The move to big coasters instead of zoo animals is a positive for coaster enthusiasts! (c)SeaWorld
This all comes amidst news of SeaWorld's possible sale to Parques Reunidos, a company based out of Madrid, Spain.

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