MFK: Speed Demons

A week of popular coasters for MFK, what are your choices?

Some of the most talked about rides.
HOW THIS WORKS: These are the last three rides on Earth. Marry One, Fuck One, Kill One.   Marry: It's in your backyard, ride whenever you want.   Fuck: One last ride then it's gone forever.   Kill: No last rides. No goodbyes.

Top Thrill Dragster, Intimidator 305, Formula Rossa. Three coasters that would probably be Marryable any other week, pitted against one another here.

I'll Marry Formula Rossa, I don't think that launch will ever get old. It's got TTD beat on speed.

Fuck I305, a nice, forceful ride, never been, so I have to once!

Kill TTD, I have everything I need in Formula Rossa minus the height.



  1. Marry I305 Fuck Formula Rosa Kill Top Thrill Dragster.

  2. The easy kill is top thrill. The other two cover anything it offers. Marry intimidator and fuck rossa.


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