Interesting Watch: Action Park Documentaries


Action Park, or Class-Action Park, or Traction Park, is one of the most infamous water parks in the world. How did it get those nicknames? Watch below to find out!

Action Park has one incredible story, and it's always great to learn more about its history. From the park buying the local town new ambulances to stop them complaining of the multiple injuries, to law firms from outside of the country, there's probably much more that we will never know about Action Park, but that makes the Park that much better.

The first documentary has interviews with some celebrities and the current owner of Action Park, giving us an awesome inside look at what it was like to work at Action Park, and what it was like to be at Action Park!

The second documentary is from the Defunctland, a YouTube channel growing in popularity. This video focuses on the history of the park and really points out details that I've never known before. Both videos are extremely interesting and warrant a watch!!

Want to read up even more about Action Park, google will take you on an endless story, but here's one of my favorite articles.

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