Energylandia's New Intamin Final Layout and POV video.


The New Intamin Mega Coaster opening in 2018 is well past the planning stages.

The layout has changed at the end, adding some straight air hills before the brakes, and a water feature. The coaster looks great, especially those high-speed, low overbank sections! Check out the new layout and POV below.

In 2018 in Poland, to the Energylandia Park in Zator comes the absolute BIGGEST and FASTEST Mega Coaster in Europe! This record-breaking ride is brought to you courtesy of Intamin! We took up the challenge in terms of technical parameters and are proud to announce that we have entered the race for the BEST, BIGGEST, FASTEST, HIGHEST… And we’re sure to win! See for yourselves: – a drop of over 80 m; – 77 m in height; – speed exceeding 140 km/h; – 85 degree incline; – splash flow; – maximum velocity in the tunnel; – plenty of turns and inversions; – maximum speed at turns and when diving; – full speed when going on an incline, total weightlessness; – amazing negative and positive G-force; – double turns; – unexpected gravity effects; – panoramic wave with an astonishing view; – rotating track incline… In 2018 we’ll bring you the astounding Mega Coaster, which is sure to provide the most spectacular riding experience that’s impossible to forget! We are improving continually and we won’t stop taking on new challenges for you! Thank you for being with us! Nothing is impossible and the only thing that can hold us back in our efforts for you is time. The Mega Coaster concept from Intamin Amusement Rides is a project that has been custom designed just for us and will bring our Guests lots of fun at the world’s highest standards. The Coaster’s impressive results and parameters will put it at the very top of European elite coasters. Energylandia will become one of best European Amusement Parks too! Unique, one-of-a-kind construction created just for you by the Swiss industry leader – Intamin. -Energylandia

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