Darien Lake New Ride Planned, Investment of 5 Million


What will Darien Lake's next ride be?

Darien Lake has it's next ride planned, and it sounds like it could be a one of a kind, family-thrill ride.
While they were no stranger to controversy this past week with a ride "malfunctioning" and media blasting the over-exaggerated reports all over, they have announced they have a ride planned for 2018, and they seem quite excited about it.
Could the new ride finally take up the abandoned space this old water slide used to take up? (bing maps)
Let's hope the new ride utilizes the abandoned space right near the entrance of the park! The area still has an old pool area and water attraction sitting in the weeds and under the trees. It was left to sit after the water slides pictured above were removed.
Darien Lake (c)
Darien Lake General Manager Chris Thorpe told the Genesee County Economic Development Center Thursday that the theme park is “purposefully not disclosing what the ride will be at this time,” citing the need for it to be approved within the company and with the Town of Darien.
“It’s very hard for me to not come out of my skin in excitement, to talk about what we want to do,” Thorpe said. “We believe this ride, and the investment level into its size, scope and family thrill level will entice families from all over the northeast and into southern Ontario and Canada. People will reap the rewards of visiting Darien Lake and see what Genesee County has to offer.”
The ride will be Darien Lake’s first major investment since the RipCurl Racer waterslide in 2016. Thorpe said the project will invest roughly $5 million within the current footprint of the park and be operational by 2018.
“It’s in a spot dedicated for expansion,” Thorpe said.
Darien Lake Holdings LLC is requesting a $360,000 sales tax exemption from Genesee County to support the tourism project. GCEDC’s board accepted an initial resolution for the incentives, and is on track to act on the proposal later this year.

As for Darien Lake, Thorpe said the 2017 season — which ended last weekend — was one of challenges met.

Park attendance has been relatively consistent in the past three years, but 2017 showed the power of both the weather and market trends. Out of 110 operating days, 46 were compromised by rain. -thedailynews
The ride seems to be a good investment for a family ride that seems will thrill all ages for the park. While 5 million may not be a huge investment for a larger park, we still may see something original here that could very well bring visitors from across the state and into Canada. Let's hope so!

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  1. Gotta be some coaster, can't be a dark ride for that cheap?


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