Merlin says they have no interest in SeaWorld properties.


Merlin says they have no interest in SeaWorld properties. 

Merlin states "We can confirm that Merlin is not involved in any discussions that might lead to an acquisition of SeaWorld or any of its constituent parts,” to Bloomberg.

After rumors of a takeover of Busch Parks for months, Merlin has now said that it is not interested in the SeaWorld-owned parks. The coaster community has heavily been criticizing the takeover as a bad move for the General Public and state of the Busch Parks. So who is rumored to take over, if anyone?

Spanish theme-park operator Parques Reunidos is among the potential buyers of SeaWorld, according to people familiar with the matter.

Parques Reunidos owns many theme parks around the world, including Mirabilandia, Kennywood, Lake Compounce, and Movie Park Germany.
The entrance of Mirabilandia. Ravenna, Italy
Overall it seems that the whole thing is a bunch of rumors from all different sources, and the takeover will not be known until the deal actually goes through. We'll have to wait and see. What are your thoughts? Will Parques Reunidos be a better alternative to Merlin?


  1. Lets just hope SeaWorld keeps all their parks. I don't think either of these are suitable, but I only went to Kennywood, none of the others. Don't see either of these companies helping the issue, only hurting

  2. Some of their properties are beautiful, but I agree that Busch should keep.


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