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Twister: The ride that cannot fit. Or can it?

Grona Lund in Sweden has one of the most incredible wooden coasters in the world. How did they design this thing? How did it fit? We're not sure

In these articles we try to highlight rides that do something great for the industry, they may not always be extremely well-known, but they do something incredible. Twister does exactly this.
The Perfect Waterfront park.
Twister is a ride at Grona Lund in Sweden that truly seems impossible. It looks like it was there first while other rides were built around it, but it in fact was built in 2011, and is quite new in terms of this park. It also fits in incredibly well to the pier-vibe the park gives off, from the color scheme, to the shaping of the elements.
The water view makes the ride that much more thrilling.
At just 51 feet tall, this coaster is short in stature but tall in thrill. Any other coaster shorter than 51 feet tall won't be anything like this beast! The Timberliner trains are created by Gravity Group to be able to maneuver like no other train in the world. They can handle tight turns and quick transitions better than any other wooden coaster train because of the curved designs. Other trains would hit each other around such tight corners!
Twister is located right on the water and interacts with more rides than any other roller coaster in the world! An incredible feat for a coaster so small. It also goes over and under two other roller coasters along its path.

Twister and the Gravity Group, we salute you majorly for taking on such a project and believing it was possible! Nice job!
They even fit in a straight air-hill with a classic-looking entrance!
Put your hands up, we dare you.

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