Top Thrill Dragster Down for the Season?


Launch Issue causes malfunction of TTD and damages to safety brakes, ride most likely down for the season.

Update 10/20/2017: Top Thrill Dragster was seen testing yesterday, no further details are known. It may reopen for the last weeks of the season.

Update 10/21/2017: Top Thrill Dragster is now open.

It's hard to say what exactly occurred here to cause this tearing apart of the brake system. And interesting to think what would happen if a rollback were to occur during this event. Most likely these are inner brakes meant for the catch car slow down if I'm not mistaken, but could cause major damage if a rollback could occur, because who knows what is making contact at that point. Not good.
Damaged braking system -ridethisone
More Deformed Fins -ridethisone
Looks like the catch car somehow got off it's regular path to damage the braking system, by heat from friction / contact. I'm sure this is not something that the park would have on hand ready to replace, plus the inspections needed after they are installed and complete investigation will take longer than the season has left.
Slack here is not a good sign. 
Workers on track
It's a scary incident that luckily had no issues!

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