Top 5 Must-Ride Roller Coaster Rides Before You Die


Top 5 Roller Coaster Rides You Have to Take Before You Die!

The Classic Rutschbanen.
There's your personal top 5 list, but there is also the top 5 must-rides. These roller coasters are the must-rides before you die.

5. Intamin Prefab Coaster. El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure is my choice, T-Express at Everland is also a choice. These coasters give a smoother-than-most wooden coaster ride, with airtime that is sustained for longer than other rides you've been on. The first couple hills on El Toro really do pull you out of your seat stronger and longer than many other rides!
El Toro Great Adventure

El Toro also has an incredible twisty section at the end of the ride, right after its signature Rolling Thunder Hill.

4. Shambhala, A B&M Hyper: Shambhala is no Sham. Any B&M Hyper with many straight airhills will do. But the floater airtime is like nothing else in the world. To be floating for such a long period of time is absolutely insane. Let your body relax and just float through the elements. Ahh, there's no feeling quite like it. Check out Fury 325 at Carowinds.
Goliath at La Ronde and Behemoth at Canadas Wonderland are two of my favorites because of their simple yet floaty-filled layouts.

3. An RMC. These are everywhere nowadays, and I think the must ride has got to be Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point. This coaster is pushing the coaster-world to the next level. RMC has brought new elements and original pieces to rides that other manufacturers have never done. While their coasters may not have the forces that some coaster enthusiasts love, especially positive g-forces, they truly are incredible rides that are glass-smooth.
The first two airtime hills are incredible on this ride, better than El Toro? We think so.
Whether their main drop is taken upside down, the ending has multiple in-line twists, or they decide to throw in outer-banked air-hills, they all have their own special elements that aren't seen in other places! Imagine how awe-struck and confused enthusiasts would have been if these just showed up on a ride 10 years ago. RMC's are awesome and there are people in the world that travel to ride every single one. Now that is a special company.

2. Rutschbanen, a coaster with a brakeman.  Rutschbanen at Tivoli Gardens is my choice, it is incredibly themed and will make you want to have been born back in the good old days.

Kids run up and jump on the train while it is still moving into the station, they all pile at one end of the station, trying to get the front seat. It's hard for an adult to actually get the front because the kids are ruthless! It is just an exciting atmosphere that cannot be missed. It's like you took a time machine back in time, a time that was all about fun, a time when lawsuits weren't around...
The Oldest Roller Coaster in the world is awesome!
The Brakeman Seat

The ride itself is incredible. It's got plenty of airtime, laterals, speed - and the backseat is one of a kind, you really do feel like you're going to fly off the tracks at times. Just thinking about this coaster makes me want to find room for it in my top 10! It truly is a must-ride and is the meaning of 'fun.'

1. Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster, in the front seat. 
Formula Rossa will also probably do just fine here. This won't be the popular opinion of many readers, but these rides do something that only a few rides do in the entire world. The launch is something indescribable. The power to bring you up to speed so quick takes your breath away before you even realize it took your breath away.
The World Tallest Coaster

The front is necessary for the wind speed, your eyes will be covered in tears once the ride is over, you might have a little grease on your shirt, and you'll most likely be laughing your butt off or totally in shock at what just happened. There's nothing that can describe the feeling of these coasters, and I believe that they are coasters that cannot be over-hyped, because they really are just incredible.


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