This Weeks MFK: Merlin Coasters


MFK: Merlin's Coaster Battle

Flug Der Damonen, Saw: The Ride, Smiler
HOW THIS WORKS: These are the last three rides on Earth. Marry One, Fuck One, Kill One.   Marry: It's in your backyard, ride whenever you want.   Fuck: One last ride then it's gone forever.   Kill: No last rides. No goodbyes.

Fuck Damonen, the smoothest coaster here. But there's not enough to it to enjoy it the rest of my life. I've also never ridden it.

Marry Saw, This ride has the best indoor section, and it's outside layout is fun too! Plus I love the theme.

Kill Smiler, it probably could've been killed already, weird to kill a coaster with such an amazing layout. Maybe I have it wrong.
Your Choices?

1 comment:

  1. Saw isn't that good I would F it and Marry Smiler


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