SeaWorld Abu Dhabi to be Indoor Climate Controlled.


News points to new SeaWorld park being 100% indoors!

Abu Dhabi’s upcoming SeaWorld theme park on Yas Island will be an indoor attraction so that it can attract visitors all year round.

"Local developer Miral is developing the SeaWorld project. It also owns and operates the Ferrari World theme park and the water park, and is developing the Warner Bros theme park. “… They are all indoor theme parks, obviously excluding the water park, which is naturally outdoors,” says Mohamed Khalifa al-Mubarak, chairman of Miral. “SeaWorld will also be a fully indoor and immersive experience. It will allow us to work 12 months a year instead of just focusing on the winter months.”Miral and the US’ SeaWorld Entertainment announced they had formed a partnership to develop the project in December last year. Consultants have tendered for roles such as project management this year.The marine life-themed park will include the UAE’s first dedicated marine life research, rescue, rehabilitation and return centre as well as resources for the care and conservation of local marine life." Read the entire article on Meed by clicking here.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are absolutely incredible mostly because of their building structures, and the theme parks there are quickly becoming some of the best in the world. This will be interesting to see unfold and hopefully moves as quickly as they're anticipating.

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