Pleasure Beach's "Icon" Construction Update


Blackpool's ICON Construction.

Overall the station is now scaffolding and some footers have been re-poured for the new Blackpool coaster "Icon." The station has shape to it and gives us a good idea of how the view will look when the building is complete.

It seems we are at the point where the ride will really start to go up quick now. We hope to see some track going up shortly!

The 16.25 Million Pound coaster will be the first double-launch in the UK, and plans to open in 2018. The 2.5-minute coaster will have acceleration g-forces equivalent to those felt by a Formula 1 driver. The ride will reach a height of 88 feet and will interact with the Big One, Steeplechase, Big Dipper, the Express, and the Grand Prix. The coaster has been in the planning stage for 5 years.

Below is a quick video update from Pleasure Beach Experience, followed with a video released by Blackpool Pleasure Beach of the proposed layout.

I find it incredible that BPB was able to fit a ride so long in the space they did while keeping so many existing rides. While it may ruin the nostalgic view of the Steeplechase, it's an addition that should bring return visitors and is one of the biggest additions ever for BPB.

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