Photo Update from Cedar Point may have the sexiest photo we've seen yet.


Steel Vengeance Update, 95% Trackwork is Complete!

September Update provides us with some awesome photos courtesy of Cedar Point.
Look at this first picture. The hype is real. The setting with all the wood around is just surreal.
The sun provides some awesome shadows on the track here.
"Let's bring you up to speed on where we are.Rocky Mountain Construction is currently laying track, gingerly placing each steel rail into the intricate wood structure.

They're also preparing the highest point of the ride by assembling bents and ledgers on the ground (these are the framed pieces that hold the track in place), and then lifting them up to be attached to the existing structure. The trackwork is approximately 95% complete - there's just the initial drop and the top part of the lift to finish. The exciting news is that it the topping could happen very soon. After that, attention shifts to all sorts of other things - catwalks, railings and general "clean up" around the site. The mechanical components like the brakes, lift chain, sensors, etc. will all come right after we close."
Into the Structure
Topped OFF!
Hidden Inversion
Brake Run
Steel Vengeance is slated to open in 2018, the coaster, in the Wild West-themed area of the park, is 205 feet tall with a 90-degree drop. Steel Vengeance has 4 inversions, more airtime than any other coaster in the world, and headchoppers in its second half!

This could very well be the most anticipated coaster built since Top Thrill Dragster. Speechless every time I see more pictures of this thing.

CpRundown has posted a vertical picture:

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